Wolf pack is a creative team who comes up with ideas for sustainable and economical ways of living and a great way of adverting using containers.
They don’t just design dreams, they make them come true!

Wolf Pack rental has approached Petrel Engineering (Pty) Ltd to help them with one of their dreams. Let’s face it, everyone loves to have a party but not everyone likes to stay in one place.

Wolf Park rentals had a fantastic idea of taking the party wherever you go. They had a vision of having a party setup where you are able to pack up your party hook it onto your tow bar and go.

Wolf pack rentals worked closely with Petrel Engineering team to perfect this one of a kind project. All excited, the team got together and designed and planned all the finer details.

The Petrel management team handpicked the best team to complete and perfect Wolf Pack rentals dream vision.
As part of their website promotion wolf park rentals show off some skillful Technics by using a drone to fly around the Party container to capture the working progress.

To view more of Wolf Park impressive designed containers visit the website on www.wolf-pack.co.za